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Landbased Saturday Results


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Well what a disaster that was......... :thumbdown:

I arrived at thornleigh bait and tackle to pick up some weed at about 1pm only to find out that it came in 1 type......the bloody frozen type :badair: I got some anyway and headed of for the gardens....arrived there at about 3pm thinking i had about 2 hours of blackfishing but soon remembered i had some weed to unthor which took about 30 minutes :thumbdown: when it was finally defrosted it looked more like old soggy lettuce than the weed id seen before :badair: .......ok finally everything was go and in the 30 or so minutes it took to set up some bloke next to me pulled in 2 blackies so everything was looking good.......... :tease: wasnt i wrong.....I ended up catching nadda, zip, squat, sweet f@$%all but an ugly spikey stinky puffa fish..... :ranting2:

All in all a bad day for fishing but a great day of relaxation.....




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