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Scott's Head


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Cant help Terry, Im sure someone else can though. Out of interest on which waterway is Scotts head?


I believe its on the coast near Nambucca Heads, Macksville/Kempsey. We are hoping to get up there for Sept. school holidays for a week. :1fishing1:

Any helpers out there with boat lauching site information? :(

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Guest bluecod
Beach launching only at scotts head unless you are crazy enough to take on the warrel creek / nambucca bar.


Bashir is right - for outside work its beach launching. Both Scotts Head and Nambucca have fairly sheltered southern corners of beaches from which to launch but 4WD and slight seas are a must.

There are adequate launching facilities at Macksville and Nambucca for the Nambucca River and Warrel Creek, however it has been quite some time since I've been to Scotts Head proper so I won't comment on the facilities there.

The Nambucca River bar is one of the most dangerous on the coast due to its length, shallow depth and unpredicability :thumbdown: . There are only one or two pro trap boats who use it, the majority of them beach launch. There are no rescue boats available at this bar - any rescue attempt has to come from either Coffs Harbour or South-West Rocks.

If the seas are kind and you are experienced with coastal bar crossings, I'd suggest putting up with the drive and launching from South West Rocks if you want to go to sea.

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