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Baitcaster help


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Hello all.

Lately I've been thinking of buying a new baitcaster rod/reel combo. I have never bought this style of reel before, so I thought I would ask any raiders in the know. I would be using it for squid and flathead lure fishing and I'm after long cast ability. My budget would be $200-300.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think it's down to personal preference, while other reels could increase your chances if you're not comfortable with them you won't succeed as much.

My brother uses a bait caster and a 6 foot rod for rock fishing and catches to good success, and no matter how many times I rip him he always produces a big fish. Yeah he misses bites but enjoys the reel a lot!

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Thanks guys,

I'll adjust my strategy.

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Mate due to my "one arm" I only ever use my Curado baitcaster everytime im on the water. I pretty much only target squid for kings and flattys on soft plastics so theres no reason not to use a baitcasater. Mine loaded with 12LB braid and 12LB leader and have landed a few legal king on this outfit as well. Go for it I say...

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Please don't get me wrong.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a massive baitcaster fan.

I have more overheads/baitcasters than spinning reels!

I still won't be convinced that a baitcaster is better than a quality spin reel

for the application gorillapig was seeking an answer for.



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