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I finally got around to trying my luck at tout fishing today. I dont know if you guy remember but a member of this forum put up a youtube video asking where it was taken... Well I knew. :) I started out from my place at about 7am.

One fish for the day but it was a nice one of about 40cm. love this little stream. I saw other fish taking bugs or something from the surface, but had no action for the rest of the morning. the trout was released again to fight another day. as i assume the guys in the youtube video did.

the waterfall from the fore mentioned video


caught the fish at the back of this pool.


the fish


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Nice work Ving! That is a great looking fish to cut your teeth on. It beat my first by about 10cm. Looks like you will be onto some very good fish very soon. To be honest the trout have been very slow since the start of the season so you might be onto a good thing there. ;)

Let me know if you want some company there sometime won't you. Great place and very nice fish.

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Spinning blade things as in a Celta style lure or a spinnerbait?

Usually they have started picking up already but everywhere from the Aussie alps to out west of Sydney around Lithgow has been almost dead. Very few fish being caught with a lot of folk fishing for them. It has been kind of weird. Whatever you did you did it right. Awesome form Dave.


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Celtas are gun lures for trout. Stream trout love them. They go pretty well in the dams too. I have often wondered if they would go for a small spinner bait but haven't given one a go yet, I can't see why not but I have always gone for the old faithfuls.

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