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Tide Table app for NSW (android)


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Alright fishos just thought I'd share the android application I've made as a side project/hobby during uni. Pretty much my interests are computers and fishing, so i wanted to combine them together and heres the result!

Tides NSW
Visit/Download here

View tide times, heights and lunar information for most popular NSW estuaries, 5 days at a time!
Easily view any date up until July 1st, 2014.
Simple, easy to use, no nonsense Tide application.

Its free and for android, there is a paid version (99cents) which just doesn't have ads (and will have more features soon!)
If this is in the wrong section or against the rules please just move/delete thread.

Would love to get some feedback ! also any requests for locations I'm more than happy to add in.


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Cheers thanks Frank, you're pretty much the first person to give me feedback other than the missus haha!

Just checked and Kurnell is in there listed under Botany Bay!

Also a very good idea on relating it to fishing, i was thinking about incorporating some fishing tips in there but just haven't got around to it. That and to be honest i don't focus a whole lot about moon phases and fishing ( except new moon for prawning) as i go when i can. Though i know some jewie fishos have different favourite moon phases.

In the next update expect a little fishing tip being given relating to tide heights and moon phases (and how they effect tide heights, whens the highest high tides/lowest low tides etc).

Thanks again mate!

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Thanks Witha! glad you like it mate!
Just did a bit of an update, now has some fishing tips implemented! Click on the fish icon at the top and you can swipe between the tips. Press the back button on your phone to get out of it.

Update should come through in the next 24 hours. Let us know if you have any problems guys or suggestions. Only really been able to test on my phone and my old mans!

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