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Boambee Creek landbased lure fishing?

Grumpy Santa

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G'day, Long time no post.

Wife and I are heading down to Sawtell area for a week 2nd - 9th November 2013. I've been researching Boambee Creek as my target for whiting on poppers and walk the dog lures as well as flathead on plastics. I'll probably also chase the whiting on the beaches adjacent to the mouth of the creek with worms, weather permitting.

Most of the better areas seem to be on the Northern side of the creek which raises access issues.

I only photo fish for flathead but nothing beats a feed of good sized whiting.

Unfortunately I'm going to be land based for the week. Dragging my boat down from Brisbane to fish a mostly shallow creek just isn't worth it and most resorts aren't that fussed with me flushing the motor after an outing anyway.

Any advice on where and when would be much appreciated.


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