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hot water current well and truly left Sydney now


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We will see the marlin bite slow down however there are still patches of 21 deg in close & im sure the odd fish will still be caught.That cooler water that is pushing in & up is getting down to 18.5 so there is a good chance it could have bluefin in it.



Hi Damo,

We are heading out tomorrow any advice would be appreciated.


Bob & Robbe

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We got a good image on the sea surface at 4 o"clock on Thursday arfo so we went off that.

We couldn't get a good image off rip charts.

We normally go off rip charts.

On Friday we headed 4 the break not finding it till we hit 1500 fathoms all looked good break was19.3 to 20.6 over a short distance. water looked much better but no fish waisted most off our day in the place that looked the best.

Then back in on the shelf water is green as.Break was only 19.3 to 19.6 which isn't to bad but that is where the fish were and lots of bait.

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