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Sounder in my Yak.. fitting etc etc


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Hi guys,

I've had a question about how I fitted a sounder to my yak but couldn't post pics in the reply to a thread so have started this one.

So... here goes:

I've got a Lowarance X4. It's really good and went for that because of the clarity of the screen. The rest of the specs were pretty much the same as all the other sounders from other manufactures. I also got this one as the sounder unit itself is quite compact and fit the space nicely where I wanted it to go.

I've mounted it over the drink bottle chanel in the middle of the yak just in front of the seat and behind the swivel rod holder. Its a great position as its easy to see and use from there.

I went to JayCar electronics and bought a small metal plate for $4 to screw to the yak and then mount the sounder base on.

The PVC pipe came from bunnings. I put a bolt through the rod holder to use as a gymble style stop for he pvc pipe so it doesn't move around and cut a slot in the pipe to fit over the bolt. A tip, don't glue your pipe until you fit it over the bolt and have all the angles correct. I nearly did and would have been starting again.

I then mounted the transducer bracket off the bottom of the pipe with a bit of aluminium and i tied the extra cable together with cable ties and it sits around the base of the swivel rod holder in the front to keep it neat(ish) and out of the way.

Battery box is a tupperware container siliconed in the back and the battery cables run through the seat saddles on the side of the yak.

In all it works very well with very minimal hole drilling. I only had to drill two small holes to secure the plate for the sounder base. Nowhere else.


p.s. Oh the wheels are a homemade invention I created. I've modified them since so they're not so heavy but cutting some of the wood away and painted them so they look better. They have posts that fit through the scupper holes and the yak sits on top. Works a bloody treat but being made out of a huge piece of wood weight far too much. Next prototype will be aluminium or steel with rubber for the yak to sit on.








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