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Rovex air strike

brooker boy

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Top little rod, the Air Strike. I bought a 2 piece 7' job about 2 years ago. just the rod. Teamed it up with a Glad-he-ate-her BB200 topshot with 4kg Rovex braid. It's my only carbon rod (note to self; buy another soon) and it's my go to stick both land based and in the yak. At the time, the Air Strike reels weren't available, but that shouldn't be a problem now, if that's the combo you're looking for.
The rod's light enough to cast all day, and I immediately started putting the lure where I aimed it. Good distance on the casts with light lures, although I did get over ambitious and paid the price going too light with wind knots from the line slapping the guides. It took a while to work out what i was doing wrong, but once I sussed it, all has been good. Tell 'em the price, son. Oh, yeah. I paid $78 at my local corner tackle store. Not too shabby.



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