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master battery switch vs dual battery switch?


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hey guys well as in previous posts i have listed that i bought a another boat now the issue i have is im used to my old boat set up which has a dual battery set up with a switch that allows me to switch them of off both or 1 or 2 ...... where as the new boat has 2 batteries also but looks like it has a master switch (does not alow to swtich between the 2) im not sure which is better and was wondering if i should change over to the dual battery switch?

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Im with you on that one, I prefer & have mine set the same as your old boat.

I choose the battery I start with and can select the one I want to charge while travelling usually both, When Im out over night I use the weaker battery while Im anchored giveing me the stronger battery or both to restart the motor.

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Ok... Gotcha.

That's just two batteries in parallel so by all means get a dual switch and wire them individually to the new switch.

When you're charging them off the engine after a nights use, start on the best battery and leave it charge by itself for a little while (assuming it didn't get much use running lights, sounder, etc). Then switch to the discharged battery only. Don't use the both position until the flat battery has had a good long charge by itself.

With the batteries having approx equal (nearly full) charge then run them on "both." This will ensure the batteries get the best charge possible and keep them in good condition.

So, start on 1 and leave it to charge for say 10 mins. Then switch to 2 (the flat battery) for a couple of hours while running. Then switch to "both."

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