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New combo, throwing some line weight ideas around.


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G'day Raiders,

Recently added a 2500 Sienna and 3-5kg sonic pro to my growing collection of kit, (Can't help myself new toys are just irresistible) :banana: Setting it up to target the slightly heavier varieties of bread and butter species (jew, big flatties etc) that my little 1000 reel and 1-3 stick for Breaming might struggle with (6lb braid). Have been umming and ahhing over the main line weight :1sweatdrop:. Figured I'd put a topic up and see if people wanted to have a chat about their preferences! Have a full spool of 15lb powerpro in moss green, and about the same in 10lb white, (also a question on 'does the colour really matter'). The 15lb appeals because if i'm out to target the larger stuff pretty much nothing is going to break it. But if i'm throwing SP's the 10lb seems to appeal for naturality / Cast distance, and the principle of lighter = more hits.

If i'm in the right ball park would love to know, and see what others have done for these kind of targets. Just starting on SP's with only a couple of catches under my belt but can't wait to get out again on Wednesday and give it another go!

Cheers Raiders!


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Hey Witha, i think either way you go you're gonna be happy.

If you're a bit worried about the breaking strain of the 10lbs don't be, as I've seen some say it breaks well above its breaking strain.


this bloke does line testing, 10lb power pro broke on average at 17lb.

You'll be able to handle any flathead on 10lb(especially if it does break well above its stated strain). As far as jewies go i've never caught one! haha, but alot of the youtube videos on fishing for jew in estuaries they're only using bream stlye gear, as aslong as there's no structure for them to bust you off, you're in with a good chance.

I've got 3lb powerpro and the stuff breaks well and truly above 3lb.

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Put the 10 on any more and your 2500 will struggle i use 8lb and 6lb on my 2500 ci4 and only once or twice I've been smoked plus you will get better casting distance with the 10. But be aware that a 3-6 kg sonic pro is a broom stick i have one as a backup/large hardbody rod and it stops most rat kings with out a prob

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