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Can't See Bottom at Brown's

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I got a Lowrance HDS 5 with a sonar. now I have issue when I'm out at Brown's I don't seam to see bottom on sonar scanner ,( seem to plateau out ) I'v looked in to a 2kv tranducer but it so expencive about $1400.00 . what do I do wrong ? is there anyone able to advise me please . is there anything I can do in settings to rectify . please any help will be appreciated. please PM me.

Thank Fellow FishRaider's

ps: 1kw is surposed to be up 300 m.

2kw is surposed to be up 600 m.

( is this correct ?)

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u will be perfectly clear and sharp with 1kw...some people even pick up with the std 600w tranny

make sure u have set on 50 htz not the 200 htz that u use in shallower water and make sure set on deep water mode not shallow mode maybe if u have been previously inside heads or something

or u correct it will not read bottom as settings will be wrong

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I can get the bottom at browns with my hds 5 with a standard tranny. I set it on 50kz, you might want to set it to deep water and manually set the range to either 500 or 600m depending if you are over the top or off the side. You may also need to fiddle with the gain, ping speed and transducer angle. I have only been out in my boat when it is dead calm and reading the bottom at rest.

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that will just be the 600 w but make sure same as my first post up top you have done on settings. ..50 htz being critical

In the settings config installation menu from front menu screen option ( think it is maybe number 2 installation or something in list) make sure you have your correct model tranny selected too, if the dealer did not bother to do that. there i a listing in there to pick your one so it knows how to get best result.

You will get wrong temp if wrong tranny selected

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