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Doughboy Rock Kurnell

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In answer to the Raider who asked where at Kurnell Doughboy Rock is located as far as I can recall (and measured using Google Earth) it is around 1.2 Km's from the middle of Boat Harbour.

It consists of a large rock platform that often has waves washing over it at high tide. To reach it you need to jump across a fair gap or clamber down and climb up the other side.

In the sixties the legendary Appel brothers (Ken and Ray)regularly fished the rock and caught swags of big Taylor using Rangoon cane rods and Alvey reels. Many fishos on the rock used big red bobby corks suspending whole Garfish on ganged hooks.

This is an EXTREMELY dangerous place to fish. I never felt completely comfortable fishing here and only did so after checking the wash/waves over the rock for an extended period of time to make sure that it was safe to venture onto the rock.

At one time an outlet for treated sewage was located near the rock, however driving a game boat from the Harbour back to Port Hacking about 15 years ago we drove through a very large area of yellow/brown muck. Obviously untreated sewage that bypassed the tertiary treatment works.

I have no up to date info on the outlet but I note that water quality around the area and Cronulla beaches is normally very high so they must have either extended the outlet out to sea or greatly improved the treatment process.

To sum up, find a safer place to fish, this one is too dangerous.



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