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Instant Rev Head


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Hiya; was perving at Cabelas today and found something which might help those who can't source jigheads with blades attached a la Revheads and Blakemore Road Runners.

This lure was basically a poorman's Revhead, or one you could include in your tackle kit and rig on the water if your mate is getting hits with a blade enhanced jigheads.

What the yank had done was simply push an appropriate sized swivel over the shank of the jighead's hook, then put a plastic, in this case one that looked like a crappie grub, on as normal. When the plastic is pushed up the hook shank it snuggles the swivel up tight to the back of the jighead. Add a split ring to the swivel then attach the blade of your choice and voila, instant Revhead style jighead!!! :1prop::1prop::1prop:

Very simple and practical idea. If you wanna see a pic go to Cabela's website, and it's in the roundhead/speciality jighead section. It's the Charlie Brewer (rather well known bloke :biggrin2: ) Charlie Bee's spinner lure. Picture explains all.

Cheers Bombie

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