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Faulty shallow drive lever on Yamaha 8 HP motor


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I have an 8 HP Yamaha fitted to my lightweight car topper boat. A great little motor however it has one serious problem which is that when I engage shallow drive the lever bar jumps over the trim pin.

The motor is less than 12 months old, there is nothing bent or broken on the drive lever it simply seems that the lever is either the wrong one for the motor or it is faulty in which case I would expect that there would be other 8HP motors with the same problem.

If any Raider has the same model motor I would appreciate them checking the shallow drive and see if theirs also jumps over the trim pin. If I find that others have a similar problem I will modify the lever myself.

I have rung Yamaha but they have never heard of this problem. I don't want to take it back to the dealer as they will likely have to keep the motor for some time while they go back and forth with Yamaha. It should not be to difficult to fix by grinding the lever bracket to lower the part that contacts the trim pin but before I do this I would prefer knowing whether this is a common problem or just a one off for my motor.

Thanks to anyone who can tell me if their motor has a similar problem



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