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Nipper Pumping


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Guys just wondering been off the water for a while and wanting to get back into angling, remeber years ago my dad used to take us to mainbar to pump nippers, is this still the place to go , or is there somewhere closer to this side of the city ( im in North Ryde ) where i can get them? Some use to say there was somewhere over near Tom Ugly's where they could be pumped? Cheers and what a wicked fishing forum this is

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I believe you can pump nippers on the eastern end of the st George boat club near captain cooks bridge.

Hope this helps


They are there but very few and far between last time that I tried to get some.

Mainbar and the flats at Grays Point are probably the most reliable spots but you really need a boat to do the Grays Point flats. Mainbar either a boat or a long drive to get there.

One way to improve your catch of nippers is to pump the same hole 4 to 5 times. Surprising how many times you will get one or more on the last pump.



We used to get nippers at the head of Gunnamatta Bay but that is banned now.

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