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Hunter River Bass part 2


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G'day Raiders,

Me and the young bloke have been walking the banks again chasing Bass around home in the Hunter River. The weather has been strange (hot one day cold and windy the next) so the fishing is drastically different from day to day but the fish are slowly getting bigger.

On average were getting about 4 fish each arvo in the space of an hour but that can increase to 10 or more on a calm, warm evening when there's alot of insect activity.

The fish are still most active on the surface in that prime 7 to 8pm low light period with the old Jitterbug doing most of the damage followed closely by the Taylor Made surface breaker. They were very tentative tonight, 8 hits for only one fish.

The other species are out in force aswell, Freshwater Mullet are in absolute plague proportions and some of them are truly massive 60cm plus models. I've tried everything to catch these elusive silver bullets over the years with no luck so any help on that would be much appreciated!

Also huge Carp jumping clear out of the water like Barramundi for reasons unknown and alot of Sprat feeding on small insects on the surface. But perhaps the strangest species we've caught is the big water lizard that jumped off his log and smashed the Jitterbug! Couldn't believe it!

Here's a few photos, not huge but still fun and getting bigger.






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