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First crack at the nulla


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Hit up cronulla for the first time last night

Tide and light looked promising although moon was almost full . .. A few fresh salted wa pillys and a bag of frozen pippies in the bucket then wandered down .... probably to middle of the beach and found my self a gutter just off a bank. Popped a pilly out on a gang Paton on my surf rod then pulled a few worms... Surf rod gave me nothing ... Worms on my little 7 ft pulled me 2 decent whiting, and a mullet supprisingly which I threw back out live on the 4.2m surf rod .. A flat head and 2 tailor in 2 hrs ... Finally got a hit On The mullet it took me for a run but jacked me right as I struck on second run about an hour after high tide. ... Was massivly deflating much like this read ;(

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