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Pioneer ocean stream luderick rod


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Hey guys new to the forum and pretty new to saltwater fishing (devoted fresh water bass chaser), great community here and the the wealth of knowledge is second to none.

So I've been lucky enough to be working at evans head the last few week's so I called into the local fishing shop and bought a 2 piece pioneer 10'6 ocean stream luderick rod mounted a shimano cazna 4000 thread line to it and spooled it up with platypus low stretch 4kg mono. Pretty happy with it so far for a budget throw in the work ute outfit and it's handled 20 odd whiting/bream off the beach so far (possible new addiction).

What I wanted to know is - could this outfit be used for school Jew and chopper tailor as well with maybe 8kg line. Or will the rod be too light?

Also could I fling plastics around with this setup?

Cheers wilso

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Hey mate,

Unsure what weight class the rod is but being a blackfish 10'6 rod I'd say it would generally be a 3-6kg or could possibly even be a 4-8kg.

I wouldn't run any heavier line on it, maybe just increase the leader size. Probably undergunned if a tailor or jew hops on the end but would add to the challenge and fun.

My 10'6 graphite 3-6kg gets some decent bend in it with large whiting.

As for flicking plastics nothing is stopping you using that rod but as stewy said plastics are better fished with dedicated rods and definitely braided line for sensitivity.


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