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Anyone need a mate?


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Hi guys,

Just got the boot from work and now the wife is already sick of me and wants me out of the house....

I have every single day off, live in North Sydney and would be keen to do any kind of boat fishing, sharing in fuel and bait costs.

Let me know if you need a mate, a deckhand or whatever.


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So the weather is getting better each day making me want to go fishing more each day. I've been fishing in the harbour nights for jewies and mornings for kingies but still haven't hooked anything decent, so it's not through a lack of trying

So the above post still applies, but maybe you guys need a little more info about me apart from the fact that I just got fired lol.

So, I'm an avid intermediate fisherman having done mostly shore based fresh and salt water fishing, but also some boat fishing out of port phillip. 25 years old, married and keen to make some new fishing buddies.

So let me know if you can use me on your boat........ you know you want to!


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