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Hello Raiders,

Still new to fishing, I went to a local spot on the Georges river with fresh school prawns and was using a 4 - 7kg rod 12lb line & 20pb leader with with a sliding ball sinker with a size 6 hook and whole prawn. All I got were nibbles and snags so I changed to a 4lb flouro carbon leader, no sinker and size 4 hook. I got this little bait thief and I reckon I caught her 2 times after throwbacks. It was still fun to catch something.

When little breams like this are about that does indicate anything else?



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It usually indicates a healthy waterway so that's a good thing. But in my experience where there's one baby bream there's hundreds and they'll munch any soft bait you offer them so probably worth sticking to the whole prawns or you'll be feeding the babies.

Like you said though, it is better to catch something that nothing at all.

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