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Convert pull start to electric


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It is a late 80s Evinrude 25hp

I have a the fly wheel and starter from a Evinrude roughly same age. I'm very confident they are the same part numbers. I just haven't taken the fly wheel off the old motor.

I have seen some evinrudes same age that have the pull and electric start. I would like to keep the pull start if possible.

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You can run both pull and electric start. Adding the starter motor is easy as it will just bolt on. Apart from the flywheel did you get the solenoid, the neutral switch (to prevent starting in gear) and the stator assembly (contains the charging coil) and the voltage regulator? If your 25HP already has a lighting coil then you can add the voltage regulator without changing the stator (I think this is so, not sure).

If you just have the starter motor parts you can add a solenoid and a remote start switch and forget about the charging circuit if you don't mind charging the battery after each outing. I strongly suggest adding the neutral switch for safety.

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