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Npa Misleading Public With Marine Park Rhetoric

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The National Parks Association is defending Marine Parks by untruths; they are the ones giving the public misleading information not the “Extreme anti-environmentalists” as their spin declares.

To say that “The proposed Marine Park will not exclude people by creating ‘no-go’ zones or ‘lock-out ‘areas is blatant lies and deliberately misleading. NPA do not have any factual scientific information to back any of their statements but rather encourage and confuse their emotional propaganda as the whole basis of their anti-fishing agenda. One just needs to glance at their website to see through their charade.

Communities should be worried by their lies, businesses should be worried, and anglers certainly need to rise up and protect their amenity and their right to fish for food. What right does the anti-fishing lobby have to deny this to anyone when no bio-diversity or specie in NSW is under threat? Combining Marine Parks with National Parks should also cause alarm for non access to all recreational users, not just anglers and the fishing community Even oyster farmers should be wary of what the end circumstances could bring in years to come from the NPA campaigns

Extracts of NPA policy statements from their website prove they are misleading the public with media untruths.

2.2 “Sanctuaries should be "No Take" marine areas”.

2.4 “Sanctuaries should protect at least 20% of the total area of each marine

habitat in both Commonwealth and State territorial seas, as a first step

towards establishing a fully comprehensive, adequate and representative

system of marine sanctuaries. It follows that the total area covered by the sanctuaries should be at least 20% of each territorial sea as a first step.

2.5 “Sanctuaries may be zones within marine parks and should occupy a major

part of a marine park.”

3.2.1 “Waters adjacent to terrestrial national parks, nature reserves,

and state recreation areas (or their equivalents), including the

intertidal zone (ITZ), managed by relevant authorities including the NSW

National Parks and Wildlife Service, should be considered as prime areas

for declaration as sanctuaries.

5.2.4 “Oyster leases existing within a sanctuary or aquatic reserve at

the date of declaration can be allowed to remain temporarily, but should

be phased out”

Expert opinion such as the CSIRO and even the strongest proponent WJ Ballantine now question the use of Marine Parks as a fisheries enhancement tool. The anti-fishing lobbyists cite the NZ Leigh Marine reserve as a basis for their statements. The Leigh Marine Laboratory confirmed, “Without empirical substantiation predictions of fishery enhancement are deductions based on circumstantial evidence and ancillary information”.

The natural forces of our world destroy and destruct more bio-diversity in one wild cyclonic battering than all the anglers and users put together would ever do, Think about it and expose these NPA extremists for what they are. The Byron Bay Marine Park is well known as a “Political Park” by the way with bio-diversity coming second.

Robert Smith,

Chairman, The Fishing Party, Above Address ENDS

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Guest bluecod

The National Parks Association, as I'm led to believe, is a pack of ultra left radical conservationists who would like to see the public excluded from all National Parks. They are a very powerful lobby group who have significant input into the decision making processes of the National Parks and Wildlife Services [not only NSW].

Unfortunately this association appears to be gaining membership momentum within the State's bureaucracy, very much to the detriment of reasonable economic growth and development.

I'm pretty one-eyed when it comes to this tree-dwelling lot, but if anyone has information to the contrary I would like to hear it.

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Guest Jocool

I hope you guys aren't being confused. 'Cos if you are, it's exactly what the NPA wants! :ranting2:

National Parks ASSOCIATION,...... IS NOT the National Parks and Wildlife Service!

It is exactly like George describes them! They are LOONS!

Edited by Jocool
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