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Striped Marlin Fiasco

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Hiya Raiders; might be getting up a story on the proposed new size/bag limits for NSW for Monday. As part of the story wanna access info on the GREAT STRIPED MARLIN CON OF NSW; this being a fairly recent report on the value of striped marlin as a rec only fish. The report, buried by state govt, is classic ammo for rec fishers. Just need direction to get the bare stats of the report on value of striped marlin to recs and to pros. chers if anyone can help. Bombie

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The longline sector is responsible for catching most of the striped marlin caught by commercial operators in the ET&BF fishery. There has been a significant and sustained increase in both the number and weight of striped marlin caught by longline fishing operations in the ET&BF fishery since1993. Specifically:

- the number of striped marlin caught in 2001 was more than 23 times the number caught in 1993; and

- the total weight of the striped marlin catch in 2001 was more than 18 times the weight of the catch in 1993.

recreational anglers released over 96 percent of their striped marlin catch.
the gross value of the commercial catch of striped marlin caught off the NSW coastline to commercial operators was approximately$1.24 million in 2002-03

the gross value of striped marlin caught by recreational anglers off the NSW coastline (in 2002-03) was over $53 million

Since the net value of striped marlin to recreational anglers is much higher than it is to commercial anglers, there are potential net benefits to the community as a whole from reallocating more of the striped marlin catch away from commercial operators to recreational anglers.

Recreational fishing has a much greater impact on the NSW economy and regional economies than commercial fishing
the imposition of such a ban on commercial longline fishing within 50 nautical miles of the NSW coastline would result in a net benefit to the community of:

- $1.99 million to $5.1 million in 2000-01;

- $1.62 million to $4.25 million in 2001-02; and

- $1.09 million to $2.73 million in 2002-03.

The last quote assumes a total ban on longline fishing within 50 nautical miles of the coast. The numbers assume the total catch forgone by the commecial sector is caught by the recreational sector which is unliklely. A key (and I believe incorrect) assumption used by E&Y is parity between the commercial and recreational sectors in the value of Tuna and Broadbill Swordfish. Plenty of charter operators target Tuna so one would have to assume the value per kg of tuna would be significantly higher than the professional sector.

If the Government won't act on this report they never will never act on anything. You will notice from the covering letter this report was 'snuck' out on Christmas eve, when the media are on holidays and people have things other than the inequity of fish stocks on their mind.


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