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Shopping Today


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Blimey-Charlie, I was in at Australian Bass Angler today for one and a half hours and I only spent $70. :1yikes:

Got myself a couple of Ecogear SX-48's, a shirt, some worm hooks................blah, blah, blah.

In saying that, I also have a few Ecogear SX-40's on back order which will turn up shortly and something else which should be in on Monday. :tease:

I also had the thought of a rod and reel purchase in the back of my mind for most of the day which slowed my spending.

Anyway, at the end of the trip I effectively spent, hmmm, doesn't matter 'cos it's therapy so my wife tells me.:action-smiley-031:

BTW, I drove about 100 k's to ABA and back and it is definately worth it, great tackle shop with a fresh feel about it. Anyway, go and check it out for yourselves. :thumbup:

P.S. Hope I wasn't too much of a pest Mick. :risata:



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I don't have a tackle store like ABA near home, so when I go there I usually study everything and inspect nearly every lure one by one. :wank:

I only spent $70 on the day but I do have some stuff on the way soon that I ordered whilst there. :1naughty:

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It's an impressive shop that's for sure and well worth the trip.

BTW if you know what you want they'll do mail order.

Then again for me going to the tackle store and looking at all the stuff is a treat for me!!!

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Some one should make a movie about fisherman and call it

There's Something about Fisherman --- they just can' help them selves.

I did the same today; dropped into a tackle store I saw while driving along, went in spent hour looking around and walked out with

1 Video


1 new rod and reel combo so I can try some soft plastics

1 new Okuma CL 45 and a rod to match

What do you do, it’s an addiction.


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Say Hooky, going by the total amt u spent, the shirt that u bought wouldnt happen to be a Kokoda one would it? Acid Bream? Toxic Tuna? :1prop:

That's the one.

Certainly does the job for me when it comes to keeping cool in the hot sun. :biggrin2:

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