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Piscatorial Friends


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Had some that looked very similar in Thailand, fried whole till brown and crispy.

Absolutely awesome with a cold beer and some chilli dipping sauce!!!!

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Nice fish ... have they bred yet?


Yeah they have once but i couldnt of been bothered to scoop them all out or put the fish into another tank, i raised all the ones i got in the tank atm from 1cm fry and it has taken around 7-9 months for this fish to reach this size of around 8cm but still have a few runts that are only 4cm?


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haha ..I had the same in Indonesia and the restaurant had a canal going through along the floor ...thats were they kept the fresh fish... it was cooked and came out standing tail up balanced on its head and fin..I dont know how they did it but I was impressed. The fish was delicious i think they were gouramis.


G'day Weiry,

looking at your description i'm pretty it's gouramis, is it a restaurant in Jakarta ?

Gouramis are nice eating fish. :biggrin2:

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my mate has an awesome tank which we made, he keeps real live bream in it, one we caught at 26cm's and is now 46cm's STONKER!!! great pet also has a few whiting in it and 2 flathead, they look so cool in the sand (all the fish are legal size so dont worry)



what a cool idea

how did you do it.....?

do you have to have a speacial filter or salt clorinator....?


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