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Tica & Pflueger Reels


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My son has been shopping recently for a new threadline reel to go on his new custom made Purglas blank 3.5 metre rod. It was made by Allen Glover and is a lovely bit of work. Obviously the products of manufacturers such as Daiwa, Shimano and Penn are right up there in consideration, but we have come across a couple of other likely contenders, namely Pflueger and Tica. They seem to be priced cheaper than what looks like their Shimano, Daiwa or Penn equivalents.

The Pflueger brand is well know to me as I have an old overhead Pflueger Sea King given to me for my 16th birthday some 42 years ago. It is a beautiful bit of gear, made like a Swiss watch in the USA and would withstand a direct hit from a guided missile. However times have changed a bit since then now that everything seems to be made in China or nearby.

What he needs is something that holds at least 300 metres of 8 - 10kg that will get a lot of use throwing lures, in the price range $200 - $300.

Is it correct that Tica used to make reels for Daiwa?

Any thoughts?

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Guest hottuna
Gday Cameron,

Tica moved from Taiwan to Bangkok then back to Shanghai, China.

I am not sure about them re: Daiwa??


Cam Tica or Juro are one of few fishing co`s that have there own factory....unlike alot of others who source out there reel manufactures.

The pfluger medalist is a very nice reel and at the top of there range under $200 with 10 b/bearings.

Tica have some nice reels, the condor and camry rate quite good.


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