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New Bluefin Record Attempt

Big Bob

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It must be the same fish that Clutch posted. :1fishing1:

New Zealand seems to be in front compared to Australia when in comes to fishing. Next thing will be the discovery of Barrimundi. :1yikes:

If you look hard, is that a little bit of wool hanging out of the corner of the fishes mouth? :074::yahoo:

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Mark,that was an interesting read. $700 euro dollars a day equate to what in Australian $.

I never knew Ireland had such large tuna. I always think of Nova Scotia in Canada for the giant Alantic Blue Fin Tuna. They may not hold the glamour of a 1000lb Black Marlin, but I would not say no to 1000lb Blue Fin.

I understand that in Nova Scotia, they are getting these fish in the bay, which is not deep water from the boat. Standing on a break wall you can watch the boats do battle with the fish. Mind you, I have heard you can be fishing and its also snowing.

Certainly give a rock fisherman a run for his money if he could tie into one.

They create a pressure wave/bow wave as they swim just below the surface before taking a bait.

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Mark,that was an interesting read. $700 euro dollars a day equate to what in Australian $.



It equates to approx. AU$1200, so in terms of game fishing its probably similar to if not less than typical Aussie rates for offshore game.

Recreational tuna fishing is realtively new in Ireland. Rumour hs it that there were some catches by rec' fisho's in the early 90's which were kept quiet as the flesh of the Tuna was frozen and sent to Japan for Sushi for huge money and the $$ were not exactly reported to the tax man.

Encouragingly the charter operators in Ireland are pushing for a protection of the species by catch & rlease only, thankfully there is no targetted commercial fishing for these fish from ireland but they do catch them in southern europe commercially.

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Thank you Mark

It sounds promising if they can keep the commercial fishery out.

It would be interesting to know how long it took for them to grow to that size, particularly in light of there is much emphasis on once a fish reaches maturity more energy is spent towards breeding than putting on the pounds. In tuna you would think they would have a hard working metabolism, hence expending a lot of energy swimming, constantly moving.

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