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Botany Bay 26/8


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not much to report

fished molineux point and hooked up to a PJ that didnt want to play took a solid 10 minutes on 6kg gear to get it to the boat, after releaseing him i caught two more that were smaller and more compliant.

that was it for there so i went over to watts reef for small reds and another shark about a metre long , but this time i couldnt i.d it so i released it , when i got home i looked it up and it turned out to be a blind shark. my book says its fair eating, has anyone tried one?

apart from small trevs at the runway on the way home there was no more fish to be had.

on my way back to the ramp i was waved down by a few blokes that had broken down and were drifting towards the rocks so with a boat in tow i made a slow trip home.

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