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Tailor In Botany Bay


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G'day Raiders

Just a quick report for those that might be heading out tomorrow (Sunday) onto Botany Bay.

There were schools of Tailor working the end of the third runway today from 12.30pm and still boiling when we left to come home at around 4.30pm.

We threw everything at them and in the end they seemed to like watermelon bass minnows and frostbite squidgy wrigglers. That's just what seemed to work for us. :thumbup:

No great size but the majority went 40 - 45cm, good enough for a feed. :biggrin2:

Don't know if they'll be there tomorrow but might be worth keeping an eye out for the birds.

Also, be warned, we also anchored up on the northern side of the third runway until the Port Jackson sharks turned up and they weren't small either. :thumbdown:

Could be another Fishraider record on it's way when I post a pic or two tomorrow. :1naughty:

Also there are flatties at the usual places like off the groynes at Kurnell and at Bonna Point and also out the front of the Novatel. :1fishing1:

Weather and wind was OK after 12 midday and the Bay seemed to calm down quite quickly and it made for better conditions.

Anyway, good luck if you are heading out tomorrow. :thumbup:



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It was a pretty ordinary day and if it wasn't for the tailor we would have been home earlier but when the bite is on, a bloke may as well stay fishin'. :1fishing1:

The tailor weren't huge but good fun.


Plenty of these buggers. :1prop:



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Nice work Hooky! Geez their ugly bastards aren't they??? :1yikes: The PJ's I mean! :074:


G'day Joe

I think it was a bad hair day........for myself and the shark and a darn heavy bugger too.......so was the shark. :074:

thats a big pj

did u measure it?


G'day lurespinner

Here's the link to it. :wacko::biggrin2:

PJ Shark record.

Edited by Hooky.
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I wish i had read your report earlier Hooky just got back from the bay myself I didn't see any tailor but saw some gulls swooping and diving so went for a look hoping for a few tailor only to find that they arguing over a sausage some one had diced. :074::074: will post my report shortly. :biggrin2:

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