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Trout in the rain?


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I'm thinking about going down to the Wollondilly River to see if I can't snag a trout. The only time I have available in the foreseeable future is Thursday evening/Friday morning. The only problem is we've obviously had a lot of rain in the last week, and expecting 5-10mils each day. Would I be wasting my time heading down or will the fish still bite? I'm keen to try out my new tassie devils!


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If the Wollondilly is in flood, then it will be tough going. However, look for areas where the flooding water has spread out over the bank and the water flow is a little slower. Trout will be holding in these out of the flow areas and it can provide some stunning fishing at times.

Not sure about using a Tassie though in a river, even the smaller models are really to heavy for our rivers which aren't very big at the best of times. Better off with small floating minnows, lightly rigged plastics or the classic Celta. The tassie will be OK (a little borderline in my opinion) in larger pools. If you really want to give the Tassies a run, drive an extra bit to Lyell or TCD. TCD fires when the weather is crap and there has been lots of rain.


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Guest no one

I'd go a wet intermediate line with a white feather with a flash of pink and strip it fast... Always worked for me when visibility is down.

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