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Evinrude etec 90 on crestcutter is prop right?


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Hey guys just fitted an etec to my crestcutter got it out on Sunday feels pretty good to me just wanna know wat sort of rpm I should be getting on WOT ? I found was picking up very fast and top speed was quite decent I thought and max rpm I was getting was about 4900 - 5000 rpm does that sound about right ? Was perfect for wat I use the boat for I found my self backing it down to about 3800 rpm to cruise along just curious wat people's opinions are ?

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Hi, yes just, if that is with your normal load. I prefer to see around 5200RPM otherwise you can be lugging the engine and no engine likes that. Make sure you can clearly see the AV plate when trimmed correctly because most of the time people rig them too low. Hole no.3 tends to work the best and on a Crestcutter you would want a 15 inch Viper. We have a handful of that exact same boat / engine combo running around and they are a sweet match together-good performance, good fuel economy and very quiet running all plus very low ownership costs.



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