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Port Macquarie


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Hi Raiders,

I'm heading up to Port Mac soon for a week of surfing and fishing (probably just fishing!!!) and i was just wondering if there are many fish around and what the best baits are to use. I've never been up there and am not sure where we will go but any help would be greatly appreciated. I think most of the fishing will be done of the beach.


Jacob (flattiefisher27)

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hi mate, im not from the area but do holiday up there a lot so i think i have a good understanding of the area.

Every time i fish lake cathie i have success, off the lake cathie bridge at night usually always produces from soft plastics for flatties and bream maybe a jew, to using fresh yabbies or live prawns, i was up there just after xmas and landed 3 jewies on live yabbies of the bridge between 70-80 cm on my 4 pound bream outfit so its hard work but worth it. but pretty much anywhere in the lake will produce bream, flatties and whiting on lures or some decent bait.

I've also caught plenty of the beach at lake cathie and lighthouse beach, usually using pillies, fresh pipies or strips of fresh tailor and beach worms have worked for me catching everything from whiting, bream flatties salmon tailor jewies and sharks, just find a nice gutter get a bit of burley out in the wash and you should see some results.

PM me for any more info you may be after.

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