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Botany Bay. Saturday Kingy.


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Hi Raiders,

This post is a little late, but as per usual, work gets in the way of not only fishing but also my posts.

I took the young fella for a fish on Saturday to a very windy Botany Bay. After leaving the ramp at Kyeemagh and seeing a number of boats fishing inside the mouth if the Cooks, my immediate thought was, "this doesn't look good", but persisted anyway.

We found ourselves to be the only boat out there at this stage, but pushed on fishing.

An hour had passed and nothing but a few throw backs (mixed).

Then my son yells , dad I've got one...!!! At first I didn't think much of it and let him go, then he's reel starts to scream and his little face was turning red from the struggle.

I let him go and gently kept the rod tip up for him. After about 5 minutes of that, he gave up and pleaded with me take over.

For another ten minutes I fought this fish wondering what the hell it was. Till finally it surfaced (a Kingy). As soon as looked at us, off it went again. But this time it got tired and back to the boat it came.

Finally got this fish netted and in the boat.

My sons first Kingy and a record for the new boat. It'll be a tough one to beat.

It went 72cm and 4.7kg. A very nice fish indeed and very happy 8 year old boy and not mention, one very proud dad.



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Thanks to all for your comments.

This Kingy certainly made for a challenge. The way the rod was setup was certainly not to catch a kingfish. It was nothing more than 10lb mono, no trace and straight to a small long shank hook with a small ball sinker to hook and a prawn attached.

Who would have guessed?

It's prompted me to change my train of thought on how to fish for kings.

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