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Sydney - Wollongong Bottom Bashing

Krispy !

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Hey Raiders going out bottom bashing in a couple weeks between Sydney and Wollongong and thinking of using the Black Magic Tarakihi Terror flasher rig. It has 3 droppers with 3/0 circle hooks and looks like 40lb line. Has anyone used it? Looks alright when i opened it but not so experienced with this sort of fishing only done it a couple of times before. Also wondering what sort of fish are around the reefs at the moment/what baits are best and whether its worth trolling to and from the grounds. I bought a rapala xrap magnum just incase.


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hey ive gone bottom bashing often around Sydney the past 2 weeks

we have the most success using a paternoster rig with 3 2/0 circle hooks with a heavy snapper sinker at the bottom

I place a cut pilchard in the bottom one as flatties tend to take the bottom one first and pilchards appear to be their preferred bait. I place half a prawn on the second one which usually takes in morwongs, snappers, flatties, nanngais and more this i found is the one with the most hits. The first hook i place a small strip of squid this is usually taken by leatherjackets,morwong and snappers but i sometime find an odd pearly

I tend to troll along the way to where we plan to bottom bash usually getting a king, bonito,slimy or striped tuna but i got a bluefin once and that came in as a surprise. I like to test out new spots and discover my own spots based off the fishfinder.

Recently however i have found dee why wide has been getting plenty of hits 10+ fish a trip

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Thanks guys, apppreciate the all the info, when you say slimies on the troll does that mean they would actually hit a lure being trolled at speed?

yep i tend to get alot of slimies just on the troll i usually just cut them up for bait

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