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Decent pig on a light outfit


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Hi guys,

Went down my flat for a quick one tonight after work, hard as oooo because of the absence of swell, got a couple of small pigs on 6lb weed rig, ludies wouldn't show up.
I assumed the leader was a tad too big and went down to 4lb, eventually started to score hits but lost (snapped) 4 fishes out of 6, they were pretty angry and all quite big (35/40 cm), still managed a couple of good ones, but got sick of losing hooks and went back to 6lb leader.
After a 20 min with no hit the luminosity started to be a tad lower and the float went down, there started a fight that I won't forget so soon, best fun since a long while, the thing went for 6 or 7 10+ m runs, reefed me twice, I just wanted to see it as I thought it would not get out and I got disappointed when it came closer as I could see something in its 30cm, I thought.
I was wrong, when it popped to the surface I saw a nice fat fish, that I managed to wash on a leader that would not have been stronger than 1lb considering its poor shape :)
It's only an "average" pig, but on 6 lb with that new luderick rod I just built, I doubt I'll score bigger too often especially on that line class, 43 cm measured and 1.8 kg I'd say, safely.
I'm stoked!
All that little crowd went back after a quick shot.
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great catch especially on a rod you built yourself what rod blank did you use


MHX steelhead, 3 pieces 13" 4-8 lb, very nice I'd say for luderick but not quite appropriate for decent drummers, it still did the job and I never really felt the limits of its bend, which let me hope I can get a 50cm + on a "misunderstanding", lol (dream on TC)

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