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Fishing Show 5th & 6th April 2014 Penrith Paceway


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Just returned from the Family Fishing Show. Some good stuff on display. Plenty of gear discounted for the show, although show bags weren't on display very well. The presentation area was well attended, hosted by Lenny Pascoe and Jeff Thompson. Some goods talks held by the likes of Rod Harrison (Len kept introducing him as Rex Harrison, lol), Lee, Raynor, Darryl Head and others. A few freebie show bags were given away, mainly to the kids, so that was OK.

The schedule was all over the place compared to what was advertised, I think due to the late change of venue. Food was very good with lots of choices. Prices were excellent. Wish I had the dough to buy a few goodies, but there's always the chance of a win from the competitions and raffles. I think next year will be heaps better.

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Yeah, Leo,

That was about the size of it. But as I said, the late change of venue would have stuffed things up. It did look like sponsors set up where they could, rather than with any real planning. There were a few things that they should learn from for next year, such as having sufficient sound systems to run presentation videos. Rod Harrison had to drop his mic to demonstrate casting with two hands. It was hard to hear him after that. A lapel mic would have fixed that. And, of course, ensuring that the advertised venue is where they say it will be.

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Problem is, once people get burnt they are less inclined to go again, this stuff up could really hurt them for the next one. There was a 4wd and camping type one up on Central Coast not long ago and it had 2 4wd stalls, the rest was caravans really, I went for the 4wd stuff and after paying to get in and then find stuff all 4wd stalls I left in disgust and will never return or recommend anyone to go unless they want to buy a caravan.

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We went over to check it out on Sunday.

There was a lot of food stalls there but there was plenty of fishing gear to choose from.

We watched a Jim and Donna Teeny tie some flies and I was surprised when Donna finished hers she gave it to me along with another she had previously tied.

Not many people there. Nice and close to home so I was happy.

Hopefully next year it will be a bit bigger.

Good on them for still holding it with the late venue change.

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