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Not a bad day..


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Got to my spot very early yesterday morning, about an hour before sunrise.

Very little swell, no wind and bang on low tide. I knew drummer fishing was going to be tough in these conditions. ..they don't like the placid water much.

I had a fair bit of Cunje left from last week, and banana prawns, as well as a few pillies (for the second rod) under a float.

Started burleying with bread, and for an hour or so there wasn't much action happening, as I expected.

Then I noticed my second rod was twitching, so I went to check it out. There was something on...but it wasn't putting up much of a fight. When I reeled it in I was very surprised to find a fat slimey mackerel hooked onto the bottom hook of the three ganged 5/0 Mustads! Not my intended target needless to say! A fishing buddy of mine was on another ledge live baiting for kings. ..so I donated it to him. No luck though.

A couple of hours pass and I'm getting bites but no real action. So I decide that I'm going to move spots and find somewhere a little "rougher". So I packed up and went exploring...

I found a new spot that looked "drummerish"! Weed, cunje, whitewash and bommies left right and Centre. So off I went... Watched it for 10 to 15 minutes. Not a spot I'd fish in any kind of swell but ok for today.

First cast and I was on! I pull up a decent 36cm pig. A few kelpfish, and then the bream turn up. Few in a row...Two keepers in the mid to low 30's

Stayed for another hour and got another drummer for the table.

Not a bad day. ..no monsters but good fun!


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