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Roseville 03/04/2014


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Firstly a huge thanks to everyone on the forum so far who's given me advice and suggestions, particularly Trout Stalker for the help on structure. I went out to Roseville yesterday and tried to start putting some of your advice into practice and thought I'd post the results.

First thing I noticed is how much easier it is to identify fish and structure with a pair of polaroids (I bought a big cheap pair to fit over my glasses as I can't afford a prescription pair at the mo, and the difference is amazing). It's great to get a clearer image of what's going on under the surface.

Anyways, I started on prawns with a running sinker rig, using the smallest sinker I have to get a bit of casting distance but also so as not to spook the fish too much. Also used smaller hook sizes as a few other forum members suggested in another post. I started round at the fish cleaning table and was getting hits on almost every cast. Caught a few small snapper, bream and tailor. Landed my first trevally here in Australia (we don't get them in the U.K.), nothing huge and not keepers, but it's nice to start getting fish near the 20 cm mark and who knows, maybe next time I'll push for something legal. Had a few hook ups with some larger fish- bream, I'm guessing by the strength with which they took the bait- but they were quite close in and I lost them on the rocks. I guess I'll need to tighten my drag a little in future and not give them as much time to run with the bait.

Later moved round to the pylons (there's a small sandy area next to the pylons for the gas pipe) and got a whiting and some bream on the last of my prawns, then switched to SPs. Unfortunately with them I had less success and lost a few on the retrieve, fish seemed a bit spooked by them as well. I'm hoping to come to the SP day in May, so hopefully that will help me to hone the technique I use a little. I was a bit devastated beacuse as soon as I ran out of prawns I saw a much bigger bream cruise past, he wasn't too impressed by my attempts to jig a blood worm wriggler past him though!

All in all, it was a really enjoyable day and I had the area almost completely to myself. Unfortunately I'm starting a new job next week and won't have days off during the week, so looks like that'll be the last quiet day's fishing for a wee while.



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Well done mate, good to hear the tips paid off, you'll be able to hone your techniques and rigs accordingly as you keep practicing. I've fished the area twice (once from boat and once from shore) and have found it hard to find a keeper as the tiddlers do tend to beat anything else to your bait so don't feel too bad about that part!

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Very nice work mate! Good onya for putting the tips into practice and getting results :) thats a great mixed bag and a pretty good haul for land based at roseville. With the SPs don't get yourself down, they can take a while to get the hang of, and (my experience) bream are the most finicky to get on them, but once you get a pattern it'll come. I still find I get more fish on prawns but better size on plastics. Keep it up!!



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Great work Adam! I'm glad that the info helped and yes polaroids do make a huge difference. Plastics can be a bit tricky at first but once you get the knack for it you will be pulling in many a good fish. My best advice is to go to the plastics social and you will have all the necessary skills in no time. There are many on here that use them and constantly get fish. With their help you will soon be in the same boat. :)

Congrats mate.


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