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Botany Bay Sat 27th Aug


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Got on the water at 6:30am, went straight to molineux, saw some bird activity but very skittish, couldnt even get a cast at them. Tried to anchor but too much wind and the swell made it too uncomfortable (too much to drink and 2 hours sleep the night before didn't help), so decided to head behind molineux. Caught nothing there. Saw a couple of guys in a quinnie trolling around the area. Didn't look like they were getting much either. Got sick of the wind so decided to head back for a drift between the bridges which resulted in nada. After that decided to check out como where we were harassed by undersized bream. Called it quits at midday.

That's two failed trips out of two for us in the bay. Will wait to the end of september to try again.

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