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Mahi Mahi only a stones throw from the heads


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Hi Fellow Raiders

I have had my new boat for just on six weeks now, rushed it through so I could take advantage of these bumper fishing months. So glad I did.

Sam ( Chewie ) and I went in search of Mahi Mahi of the FADS and were not dissapointed. Headed out very late, since we both had stuff on in the morning. I went to get some yakkas, which started off sensationally, 3 in the new live bait tank in no time. Then the kings turned up and then bait gathering became difficult. The kings werent really interested in the yakkas until they were on the end of the handline and then chased them right up to the edge of the boat. I was looking down at one stage and nearly copped a king straight in my face. A fired up rat is sight to behold. As usual Chewie outfished me in the bait catching skills, but humnble as ever.......!

Armed with a full tank of yakkas, headed out to the FAD. Double hookup - first cast. Just about every yakka got hit and if it wasn't for the mutton birds

we would have had 3 more in the esky. With 4 good Dollies in the esky we went for a troll , hoping to get amongst the marlin action. Had a good pattern set and it wasnt long before the real screamed. The middle rod got hit, with a divng rapapla that was once found by Chewie at Rushcutters bay, in a park attached to his shoe.......Yes correct. Definitely wasnt a Marlin, probably a mack tuna, by the vibrations through the rod. He fought well and spat the rapalla just by the boat, which felt the need to reattach itself back to Chewie , this time - to his neck. Hook removed and headed home with an esky full of fish. With days like these , you really need to take maximum advantage of your time on the water as Chewie keeps telling me. So with some convincing, we were back out again yesterday. " the sea was angry today my friend " and it wasnt the easiest trying to launch at Little Manly alone. But a few selective curses and I was away. Found Chewy in the dark and off we went. The wind was strong and the seebreeze forecast had changed overnight.

We opted to fish locally for squid and found some shelter, but no luck. Till the wind dropped and we headed ou the heads, hopefulll for the elusive Marlin. We had barely cleared the heads when both rods went off. Double hook up of Mahi Mahi less than 1/2 mile form south head. As we passed over a bait school we got hit again, unfortunately they were undersize but Sam switched to his snapper outfit and nailed one of the little leaping blighters, who danced across the surface. Alot of fun. With the patern set again, my rod went off this time and by the feel, we were pretty sure it was a mack tuna. This time Sam didn't wear the lure and the fish came aboard, vibrating all the way and covering me and my new boat in blood. There was blood everywhere. Looked like a scene out of Dexter- Think we just thought of name for the new boat !

Got a little rough then, so we elected to head in and saw a large fin, just of North head. Came up close to see a rather large bronze Whaler cruisng about. Found some shelter in middle harbour and cast my Transam soft vibe out, felt some resistance, but no fight. Assumed it was an old towel, but to my surprize there was a John Dory on the end. A good 40cm fish. He wasnt hooked very well though and the pattern continued with the lure attempting to attach to Chewie. Theres a pattern emerging here.





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Guest Aussie007

interesting read great catch on the dolphin fish and JD well done, seems to dolphin fish are everywhere this year

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