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Hi all,

I am new to game fishing and currently have braid setup on all my reels.

This is my current setup, please correct me and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

80lb Braid Mainline --> FG knot to 200lb leader --> Bimini Twist to swivel on the Pakula lure or Rapala x-rap (which is premade with 200lb leader)


1. Can I just do Bimini Twist directly from my braid mainline? as the lure already has a leader.

2. Watched on youtube some guy saying poor-mans Bimini(surgeons knot) is better as 1 line snap the 2nd is not affected, whats the difference between the two knot and which is better?

Lastly how to switch lures out faster? do I put a snap on the end of my 200lb leader to easily attach/remove the swivel on the lure leader?

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the newbie questions.


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I would fg to few meters of leader then crimp a snap on, then can easy just attach/change pre rigged trace with lure/hook... I would avoid braid strait to swivel, want the extra stretch when chasing game fish

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