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Central Coast here I come


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It's been quite a while since last time I posted something to the forum. Hope everyone had enjoyed their fishing recently.

I've been quite busy house hunting and only managed to wet the line three times catching breams and tailors from the beach.

After a lot of failure in finding something affordable in the Northern Beaches areas we've decided to look further up and ended up buying our first home in near Gosford. Bigger houses for less than the price of a single bedroom unit around Sydney. And the fishing quality is the icing on the cake!

Brisbane Water and Narara Creek will be probably become my next favourite fishing spots both landbased and from the yak!

But I need to settle down first, lot of work to do.

See you all soon with some catches hopefully.


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Welcome to the Central Coast. I moved here for the same reasons 15 years ago and it's a great place to live and raise a family. Fishing can be great but so much to learn, even now. Hope to see you about and am happy to share some local info

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