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Yakking the Hacking in good company


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Met fellow Raider, Witha, at Wally’s Wharf this morning for a 9 am launch in our respective yaks. The tide was on the run out, with a low at 11.18. We started on the sand flats and drop offs over towards the eastern side of Burraneer Bay. Witha got a few touches on soft plastics, I fished salted pillies and chucked a vibe, a spinner bait and a plastic, as well for no result. The pillie bait kept being stripped, probably pickers.

After an hour we rafted up and I fired up the Watersnake and we effortlessly crossed the channel to the Mainbar sand bar. Casting plastics, we hosed the area down for chewed tails and zip, so we motored out to the main channel, now that the tide had just turned, and drifted. The Lowrance sounder was showing plenty of structure on the bottom and what looked like good patches of fish. The current was fast and, in hindsight, I was probably using too light a jighead, so it wasn’t bouncing the bottom in the deeper parts. Witha called out that he had been on, by his leader knot had failed. Bugger! Still, why weren’t they hitting the lures with more gusto ? Frustrating.

By now, we were half way to Lilly Pilly, so we decided to head back to Dolans. There was too much current to motor back rafted together, so Witha sent me on while he paddled. (That’s how to make an old man happy!) Still, even though I was on the fast speed setting, Witha kept up under manpower. I’m going to enter him in the next Olympics in the K1’s.What strength and stamina!

We round the point into Burraneer Bay and navigated over the marine sanctuary. Wow! 11 meters deep and the sounder was showing fish galore. The whole area is a potential jew hole. No wonder they sanctioned the area. Just past the sanctuary, I turned around to see Witha’s rod with a nice little bend. He pulled a little leatherjacket. Not a keeper, but he was happy as it was only his second fish caught while trolling. At least he had avoided the dreaded donut for the day.

Back in Dolans we stalked the pontoons and moored craft looking for bream. Finally I felt weight as I lifted my little 2” grub and pulled in a mighty 10cm reddie! Donut avoided, whew! We kept on plugging away. Witha caught a similar fish, but anything of size stayed away. With bladder filling and tummy rumbling, I headed back to the boat ramp at 3.30. Witha was not far behind. Not the most successful day, fishwise, and others coming back to the ramp reported much the same. However, the weather was absolutely perfect, and I enjoyed great company.

Writing this, I feel absolutely knackered after such a great day. But Witha must be near comatose after his marathon paddle against the tide. If we don’t hear anything from him after the next few days, send the dog squad and some Dencorub. I didn't take any pics, but I think Witha might post a pic or two, when he wakes up.

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I'm alive, i'm alive! However, I will admit I had a bit of a nap once getting the boat washed down...and the arms are a little tender, great start to my Olympic training, you flatter me! :P
Mate, can honestly say i've never had a better days fishing where so few fish were caught! Great company and great weather, and great to meet a fellow raider! Snagging a ride on the Watersnake was a true luxury, going to have to look into that one for sure! I'll get the Garmin installed and we should do it again soon to compare the pair :) Until then, go find that big bugger that almost spooled you the other day!


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He Lives! He Lives! Mate, I couldn't be bothered to take the yak of the car when I got home. Still, I'm off to Narrabeen tomorrow to see a man about a dog. Mmmmm, Maybe the Lake might call.

Well, it's already on the car! Maybe more luck than today :)

If I left mine on the car in my street I would probably have cut tiedowns and no boat in about an hour :P great motivation to get it done sometimes haha

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