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Looking for a last minute fishing and camping spot Southern Highlands?


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So my mate tells me today that he forgot to book with Wollondilly River Station, so the Easter Weekend trip we've had planned is out the window!!! :ranting2:

Does anyone know of any other camping spots we can head to that might still be available this close to Easter?

All we want is a river to fish in (trout if possible!), no facilities are needed, were men and happy to sleep in the bush! :banana:

Within an hour or so of Mittagong, and if possible 2wd access, fires allowed.

Thanks a lot, feel free to PM if you don't want to give away your secret spot!

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Camp at Pejar, the lake itself can provide a Trout or two (tough arse lake) and its a fairly central spot to hit all the Trout rivers in the region like the Wollondilly and Crookwell.


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