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Snowy Trout


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A couple of weekends ago I spent a long weekend down in the Snowys. It presented me with a great opportunity to squeeze in some trout fishing so I was super keen. My love for fishing in general all started back when a mate took me trout fishing in a little out of the way damn a couple of years ago. Now I cannot miss a chance to chase trout.

The first chance I had came and I headed to a spot I had not fished before just under a bridge of a main road. Thinking there wouldn't be a lot of fish in there as it might be fished a lot I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Soon I had a hit and not long after a hook up, followed closely by another. Both undersized, but its a good feeling when you can find trout in a spot that you think should hold them.



The river was pretty choked up with blackberry and scrub so I decided to try a small creek on a property that I have access to. Turned out it was a lot shallower than I expected, but very soon I was seeing fish. I had a lot of hits and dropped a lot of fish but just couldn't manage to bring one in. They were all small from what I could tell but it was still a bit frustrating.

I was just about ready to turn back but I kept thinking just one more hole, just one more. Unexpectedly I hooked up and it turned out to be a good little brown, 28cm. Dinner sorted :)


The next day I took one of my mates down to a spot where I'd had some success before. He started casting away in the first deep pool while I was stuffing around with something. He hadn't caught a trout before so I was hoping he could get one. Anyway I got my gear sorted and picked the spot where I thought would have the best chance to hold trout. I cast to get a feel for how hard to throw the lure and it landed short. I brang it in like normal. Second cast landed half on the rock on the otherside then slid down it and right into the sweet spot. Almost instantly I was on. Its such a good feeling to pick the spot where the trout would be and be right about it. The rainbow jumped a few times as I brought it in. I'm not sure why but I just find this type of fishing so rewarding. 32cm Rainbow.


You can see in the picture behind me there are two big rocks with some water inbetween them. The water in there was calmer and just beside the more turbulent water and thats where I aimed.

Unfortunately it was raining and had been all weekend so it was way to slippery to walk the rocks along the river. We tried another spot but didn't have any luck there. I was pretty dissappointed that I couldn't get my mate onto a fish, but that's fishing sometimes.

Overall a great weekend. First trout I've caught in about a year so very happy.







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Cheers guys and yeah they were healthy fish. I opened up the belly of the rainbow and it was full of those pumpkin beetles. Didn't have any flys with me this trip but it was interesting to see anyway. Haven't looked in their stomachs before

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Great stuff, haven't been Trouting at all this year yet which is highly unusual.

Water looks a little dirty, was it flowing high? They have been getting a fair bit of rain up top.


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Yeah Matt it was pretty dirty, the water you see in the picture was probably the cleanest looking spot I went to. It had been raining on and off for 3 days leading up to this.

Can't wait to get out again. Looking like blue mountains direction for the Easter break

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