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Kingfish in Botany Bay


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So after replacing the water pump in the Merc, we decided to water test it and chase whatever we could find. We started by trying to get some live baits. Pulled up in Yarra Bay and berleyed up on one of the reefs and sent down the jigs. We got fish straight away only for them to get smashed by What turned out to be a combination of different sized Kings.

My son Joel finally got a Yakka up, put a hook into it and sent it straight back down. As expected, it got nailed straight away and he was on for his first ever Kingfish. After about 10 minutes, he landed a 68cm Kingy, the smile on his face was priceless. We followed the same procedure for the next two hours and ended up landing 5 Kingfish, and got busted off another half a dozen times.

We only kept the one fish, Joel's first one and released the rest. I had a fantastic day on the water with my son and have not been able to wipe the smile off his face.

Looking at heading offshore in the next few days after a bit more research where to go


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