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Middle Harbour


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What a night, get to Roseville ramp around 3.30pm with light rain & light breeze15 mins later it's raining & winds getting up.

Get to Sugarloaf and anchor up. Forcast for Fri, rain clearing light wind. Wrong Mr weather man, It's beltting down and blowing a gale.

Well were here now so out goes the fresh squid and a couple of pilly cubes. Just after the high around 6.00 bang goes one of the pillies

and up pops a little kingie 60cm but a first (does go back). Still blowing and belting down, 15 min later another pilly goes off the weather gods

and the fish are against us it's 68cm and goes back and the bits go off. My brother picks up a couple of slimies and there are a couple of slabs

straight in the drink. It's midnight aand a slimmie goes off and we break the duck, jewie goes 75 and I have a feed. Twenty min later the bro gets

another 70+ on slimmie, he has a feed. Every thing goes quiet (except the bloody weather). Early morning we duck around the corner and pick

up a couple of flatties and a bream. Trip gets cut short when a few lads motor packs up and we give them a run back to the ramp around 11.00am

and guess what? IT'S STILL RAINING. LOL





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There are some healthy looking specimens in there. Well done to you both. Good on you also for giving the others a ride back. Saved them alot of rowing I bet hehe. Shame about the weather but I quote Brandon Lee when I say "it can't rain all the time".

Nice work guys.


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