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Little ones!


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Hey Guys!

So I am fairly new to fishing and this forum. From the first time I have held a rod I absolutely fell in love!

Only problem is I have been fishing for 6 months now but I am only catching little ones (Snapper, Bream, Yellowtails) the biggest snapper I have caught is probably 8 inches.

I am using a 3.0 metre rod, bait I usually use is squid, prawns & chicken. Weight size I use is usually a 1/0 and the hook size i'd say is fairly small not tiny but small (unsure of the size). Areas I usually fish are off the wharf or any land based fishing

If you guys can assist me in using the right techniques or the right type of equipment that would be awesome. Got a fishing weekend coming up and definitely would love a large snapper on the grill!!


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Hi asbi

We'd all love a large snapper on the grill, but unfortunately (as far as I know) they're not a very common catch close to shore. People have they're secret spots where they catch, but that's the whole reason they still catch them, because they keep it a secret.

Flathead are an awesome feed and easy to catch, they fall victim to pilly on ganged hooks very often. Use burley, that will improve your odds.


If it's to good to be true, it usually is...

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big bait tends to catch big fish, or at least weed out most of the littler ones. been catching a few good snapper to 38ish cm landbased in the harbour the past week on a ganged pillie. i personally prefer unweighted, as the weight of the pillie and gang hooks is enough to get out 15-20m or so and moves more naturally in the water. i find fishing an hour or two before the high tide you will have your best chance at getting a good fish, especially late arvo or early morning...

good luck

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