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Camp Cove - Watsons Bay


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Hey All,

Just wanted to know if anyone has been to Camp Cove in Watsons Bay lately? Looking at going tonight or tomorrow for some fishing.. Just wondering what's out there and how good it is.

Would like to catch squid too and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips. Anything is appreciated.

Is it even worth my time heading out there? ...

Looking at going to either of the spots in the photos attached. Where would be better, what bait to use and what sort of fish are there?

Thanks again Raiders!



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Camp cove is a great spot in a southerly.

Pretty good squid spot on both ends of the beach in the kelp beds

and aslo for bream and luderick on the left side as Harry says in his reply and he is spot on with the burley as it will increase your chances enormously.

I have caught flathead on the sand casting from the beach (when I didn't have a boat).

I have had squid taken off my line by Kingies but never actually targeted them there. I guess they are there for the squid too so it would make a lot of sense to

target them there.

In the early mornings salmon and tailor are often around the northern end of the beach.



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